A little about me.

Over the next year,

those of you checking in on us will be hearing a story. Our story. My story. Past Present and future. So, I figured maybe I should tell you who I am. 

Hello, I’m Allison. And I’ve been with Wildwood Rush since the beginning. 

 Now, I’ve always liked history, knowing the story behind how a thing was created, built, conquered or destroyed makes up the whole of what that thing really is. Knowing the story behind small businesses is inspiring, I find. The humanity of the story makes me feel more connected. Connected to the product, to the adventure, the humans around us, to the world.  So often I find that we get caught up in “what can you do for me” that we forget about the why and the how. I love the why and the how.

I love working with people. Its why I’ve continued to work with Wildwood Rush for nearly ten years. My favorite part of my job is expreinceing this with our guests. For many people this is the first time they’ve zip lined. For others, zip lining may be the most thrilling thing they’ve done in their life. I love that we get to be a part of those memories for you, and for your family. 

I’ve always lived in Northern Michigan, in Boyne City. I’ve moved away a few times, but I have always managed to find my way back.  As any local of a tourist-centric town knows, it’s a love/hate relationship. I love sharing this area with guests, I love sharing new places, things to see and abstract places to go. I want people to experience this area the way I have, unspoiled. Quiet. To this day even I still stare out at an open sun-filled forest with childish amazement. This place is here. It’s ours.  I hate how congested my town gets, but I love the hustle and bustle of a warm summer night. 

For now, that’s enough. That’s me. Later on it will seem relevant in the way I talk about our area, and the passion I have for sharing it with others and why I love what I do. 

Stay tuned: things relevant to changes at Wildwood Rush to come!



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2020 FAQ

Why did you choose to close?

Better to be safe than sorry. Our guests and guides alike are our top priority. Even when our stay at home order has ended, social distancing is sure to be the new norm for a while, and you can’t socially  distance in a tree.

The season is so long, why close completely?

Much goes into the preparation of our season. Maintenance , training, and equipment costs are all huge factors in getting Wildwood Rush prepared for every season. All of which are usually completed by now. We wouldn’t want to compromise putting our best zip forward.

What about my Gift Cards / Store Credit?

Previously purchased gift cards and store credits will remain active and fully redeemable.

I’ve already booked my 2020 trip, can I get refunded?

Of course. If it’s a refund or store credit you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Will your offices be open?

Not physically. You will be able to reach us by phone, email or though our social media.

When will the calendar be available for 2021?

To avoid any scheduling confusion, we will be releasing our 2021 schedule after October 2020.

Can I still purchase gift cards?

Absolutely! Gift cards and retail are available for purchase online.


2575 Boyne City Rd. Boyne City, Michigan