About Us

Established in 2011, Wildwood Rush sought to bring a new level of adventure to Northern Michigan. Located on 50 beautiful acres of land just out side of Boyne City, Wildwood Rush is able to give participants a different perspective on what makes our area so special.

Local owners Todd Wright and Andre Poineau were able to put their heads together and come up with a sustainable recreation idea that utilized their vacant property that was originally purchased as an investment in 2005. Both long time outdoor enthusiasts, talented home designers and craftsman, Todd and Andy had more than the tools necessary to design and build an incredible zip line course. 

With the help of an outside agency  that was present before, during and after construction they made sure to build a course that was as safe as it is beautiful. All of the course elements at Wildwood Rush, including the guides, were designed and trained to meet the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technologies. Upon its completion in July of 2011, Wildwood Rush became one of Michigan’s largest and first fully certified zip line facilities. 

2575 Boyne City Rd. Boyne City, Michigan