What is a canopy tour?

Wildwood Rush is an ecologically based journey through the treetops of a northern hardwood forest. Guests will travel through the forest on foot trails, zip across a series of 9 aerial cables and cross five suspended sky bridges, on a thrilling journey while learning details of the local ecosystem.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are recommended. Each one of our tour groups is limited to 8 participants and requires 2 guides. To enable us to provide you with the best experience, we encourage you to make reservations. If you do not have a reservation, we will do our best to accommodate you based on space and guide availability.

What is the Triple Zip?IMG_5322

The triple zip is the name given to our 1200 foot racing zip line. It consists of three zip lines that run parallel to one another so you can actually race your friends! Although this zip line has three times the fun,  each zip starts and ends on the same platforms. It is not a series of zips like the canopy tour.

It’s my first time zip lining, what option should I choose?

Either one! Zip lining is a fun and exciting activity for anyone, and our wonderful and super experienced guides make your comfort and safety their priority. For those who may be apprehensive, the Full Canopy Tour is actually a great option. The tour is built on a progression, meaning the lines start off lower and slower and increase in intensity throughout the tour, ending with the longest and fastest zip, the Triple Zip racing line.

What’s the difference between the Canopy Tour and Triple Zip line?

The canopy tour is a series of nine different zip lines all together that takes 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete. The Triple Zip consists of three separate zip lines that run parallel to one another, not a series of zips like the tour. The Triple Zip is included in the Canopy Tour as the final line.  The triple zip also runs independently from the canopy tour on a walk in basis, whereas the canopy tour requires reservations.

How do you stop?

The zip lines at Wildwood Rush are designed to be completely hands free for our guests, no self-breaking required! Our professionally trained guides use a friction block breaking system controlled from the receiving platform. This system allows your guide to slow you down and stop you accordingly as you come to the end of the zip.

Is it safe?

Wildwood Rush has been constructed to meet the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology, and all of our guides receive extensive training based upon standards developed by the ACCT. Your safety is our number one priority.

How long does it take?

Full canopy tours generally take 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete. A single zip takes approximately 10-15 minutes for your whole experience, and the Frequent Flyer 30-45 minutes. As the Triple Zip operates on a first come first serve basis occasionally there may be a short wait, or longer lines that will add time to your experience.

What if I am afraid of heights?

We suggest that you do not use the canopy tour to overcome an intense fear of heights; however, if you are merely hesitant we encourage you to come out and give Wildwood Rush Canopy Tours a shot. All of our guides are used to working at heights and are very calming and understanding. Plus, being in the trees is more about forward movement along the zip lines enabling you to experience nature in a new, exciting way. Ready for some spectacular views? Come out to Wildwood Rush. You can do it!

How high/fast/long are the zip lines?

The course varies in height from ground level at the start of our first line to 84faq2 feet at the highest point.  Platform reach up to 30 feet tall, and zip line lengths range from 200 to 1200 feet in length and can reach speeds up to 40 MPH!

Are there any physical requirements?

Participants must be in reasonably good physical condition and be able to negotiate moderately difficult hiking trails. Minimum weight to participate is 70 lbs. and the maximum is 270 lbs. Guests must also be capable of climbing stairs, and stepping up and down form short stools. 

How much hiking is involved?

Throughout the Full Canopy Tour the amount of hiking totals just under 7/10ths of a mile. There are two moderate hill climbs, but nothing the average person cant handle. Some zips my have a short walk between them, while others may begin where the previous zip ended on treetop platforms. 

Am I too old for this?

We have had zippers up to 94 years young! Knock something else off your bucket list this summer and come give it a shot! If you can handle the short list of physical requirements listed above, you’ll be happy you did it!

Are the zip line guides permitted to accept gratuity?

Yes, gratuity is customary and much appreciated for our tour guides. So if you enjoy your zip, feel free to tip!

Do the ziplines run in the rain?

Yes, we do operate in light rain and many of our guests enjoy the rejuvenating experience. However, we will cancel tours in the event of severe weather such as heavy rain, lightning or high sustained winds. The Triple Zip Racing Line does not operate in the rain. 

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Please make sure your camera has a strap so we may attach it to you. Often times smaller cameras are easier to handle out on the course. Wildwood Rush Canopy Tours is not responsible for any damage to your camera or loss if dropped from the course.

What should I Wear?

Dress for the weather as our tours go rain or shine. Layers are recommended in early morning or evening tours as temperature changes can be substantial. You will be wearing a full body harness, so avoid very short shorts, halter tops and of course skirts. Wear sturdy comfortable shoes for hiking. No sandals or open toed shoes are allowed.

IMG_4576If I’m not going on the Canopy Tour can I follow along and take pictures?

For non-participants the best places to snap adrenaline filled photos are during the gear-up process prior to your group leaving, and/or at the end of the tour while they soar down our triple zip racing line, which is visible from our base camp. There are no hiking trails that follow along with the course; the zip lines are your way back.

I’ve made my reservation, what time do we show up?

Tours are due to leave our base camp at the time you have reserved. We suggest arriving at Wildwood Rush no later than 20 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. As a courtesy to other guests in your reservation, tours do not wait for late arrivals. No-shows and late arrivals are not eligible for a refund of the tour fee.

How do I reserve if I have a gift card?

Just give us a call! We will still need to take a credit card to hold your reservation.

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