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It was all that the 10,000 lb forklift could do to lift the framework into place! What you see here are two 50′ grade 2 utility poles and two 35′ poles that are the butt ends fom 70′ grade 1’s…they were over 26″ in diameter at the base, and each pole weighed over 2500 pounds. The uppermost cross bar is at 45′ and will support the chain link fence that is the base for our intital ice-making. All connections are bolted with 5/8 utility grade hardware, and the entire assembly is guyed with 3/8″ cable to four 8′ ground screws. When fully iced-in the wall will be over 12 feet thick at the base, and will extend about 12 feet above the top of the framework. Next step is to install our belay system and chain link fence.news1

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