What to Bring

You will be outside for the duration of your tour, so wear appropriate clothing. Layers work well for early morning tours that may start off chilly and warm as the day goes on. Although we are generally well sheltered from the wind, it can be a factor on cooler days, and a light jacket may be appropriate. On rainy days, bring appropriate rain gear, or purchase a poncho at our base camp. Some of the most beautiful conditions on the tour occur on rainy days.

Clothing Notes

• Long pants or longer style shorts are more comfortable to wear with the harnesses than shorter garments. Avoid tank tops, crop tops, short shorts or skorts, and stick with tee shirts or other shirts with sleeves.

• Long hair must be tied back or secured.

• Leave your flip-flops in the boat! Wear lace-on, closed-toe shoes or boots. They are more comfortable on the trail, and you can avoid the experience of watching your footwear fly off into oblivion on the zip line.

What to Bring

•Bring your camera by all means! Just be sure that you have a secure strap or lanyard to attach it to you. Items dropped from the zip line cannot be retrieved during the tour, and may be lost permanently. Helmet mount video cameras are welcome, but let us know in advance so that we can help you get set up with our gear.

• Bring sunscreen, but apply it before you check in for your tour. Once we harness you, no further application will be allowed.

• Be sure to bring any medications that you may need, including any emergency inhalers or antihistamine devices. Bring a water bottle or camel-pack if you would like, just be sure that it has a way to securely fasten to your person. We have complimentary water available at the halfway point.

• Our guides work hard to insure that you have an exceptional experience at Wildwood Rush. Please remember to bring money for a tip if you feel that it was earned.

What NOT to Bring

• Cell phones, pagers, iphones, ipads, Kindles, Blackberry’s, or any other device that detracts from the natural experience and reminds us of the modern world.

• A special note about pets- PLEASE do not bring your pets to Wildwood Rush. Our parking lot has areas that may be shaded when your tour starts, but these areas will be in full sun by the time you return. It is unacceptable to leave pets in a vehicle on our premises, and we will contact Charlevoix County Animal Control if we feel that a pet is in distress in a locked vehicle.

• Ernest Hemingway may have smoked and chewed while he was walking our woods, but for the health and safety of our guests and guides, it is not allowed on Wildwood Rush premises. Leave the tobacky in the car!

• Food and chewing gum are not allowed on the tour.

2575 Boyne City Rd. Boyne City, Michigan